RISE OF THE 'KILLER CLOWN' VIGILANTES Scary clowns falling victim to vigilante violence as terrified residents fight back

‘KILLER Clowns’ are being warned to be on their guard – as now it is them who should be running scared.

Vigilantes across the globe have decide to turn the tables on the masked pranksters by letting them know their terror time is over.

Police forces in the UK, the USA and Australia have been deluged with reports of attacks ON clowns as the public finally  says enough is enough.

We have already told how groups who want to stamp out the craze have dubbed themselves ‘clown hunters’ and united on Facebook to organise patrols.

They want to hunt down the clowns and keep the streets safe, as a number of people have reported being terrified by clowns holding weapons in public.

Hundreds of volunteers have joined forces to take matters into their own hands.

And clowns remember, it’s hard to run away in those shoes!!

Here are a pick of the moments when the public decided to fight back.

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