Trump a 'puppet' of Putin? WikiLeaks target isn't who you may think, Russia experts say

Maybe he's a puppet, maybe she's a puppet, maybe this whole dang system is a puppet. 

One way or another, experts say, if Vladimir Putin is indeed pulling the strings in this U.S. election, the Russian president is likely less interested in propping up Donald Trump's candidacy than in trying to expose American democracy itself as a farce.

During the final presidential debate on Wednesday night, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton accused Trump, the Republican, of allowing himself to be manipulated by Moscow.

Speaking about suspected Russian hackers leaking documents that could boost Trump's chances of winning, Clinton said Putin "would rather have a puppet as president of the United States" than a candidate willing to stand up for American interests.

"No puppet! No puppet!" Trump objected, showing flashes of rage that he had suppressed for the first 30 minutes.

Clinton described Trump as a "clear favourite" of the Kremlin, citing his willingness to break up NATO and abide Putin's "wish list."

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