The Walking Dead plot leaks: major character death 'revealed' by spoilers website

This Sunday (US viewers) and Monday (UK  viewers), Walking Dead fans will discover which of the show's characters has met a gory end at the hands – and whopping great baseball bat – of new villain Negan. 

Season six of the critically zombie drama ended with a disturbing scene of murder, as Negan's weapon, nicknamed "Lucille", hammered down upon one unfortunate victim. Crucially, because the scene was shot from the victim's POV, viewers were unable to tell which character was being killed.

But just two days ahead of the new season's official debut, plot details have reportedly been leaked by the website The Spoiling Dead Fans, who posted a Q&A on their Facebook, explaining exactly what they claim happens in the episode.

We're not going to repeat any of the key details, but can confirm that, according to the Q&A more than one death occurs, and the story is partly told through flashback.

"The episode should start just after the bashing occurs. That’s what we see in the sneak peek. About 20 minutes in, we should jump back to just before that and see how it happens. Then we will catch back up to present time," the post explains.

The Facebook post also indicated that, after the killings, Negan continues to play cruel "mind control" tricks upon other members of the group, forcing them to acknowledge his dominance.

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