Even hardened Walking Dead fans are disgusted by 'goriest episode ever'

Warning: this article contains spoilers

Fans of The Walking Dead are still reeling from last night's bloodthirsty episode. The seventh season of AMC's horror drama began with what has been called the "goriest" episode in the show's history, with even hardened fans of the zombie franchise expressing their disgust on social media.

The sixth season ended with a bloody cliffhanger, as the vile Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) bludgeoned an unseen victim to death with a baseball bat wrapped in razor-wire. Last night's follow-up revealed that he had in fact killed two characters, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), and their deaths were shown in eye-watering detail.

Glenn's death was particularly gruelling for fans, as the character had been seemingly "killed" once before in a previous episode (only for it later to be revealed that he had survived).

Last night's beating left his fate in no doubt, however: Glenn was seen with one of his eyeballs dangling from its socket, as blood streamed down his face.