Racist Social Justice Warriors Terrorize Owner of Cat Sanctuary

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 24, 2016

Racist social justice warriors have launched a brutal intimidation campaign against a cat sanctuary that doubles as a cafe in Austin, Texas, bombarding its owner with racial slurs and death threats while launching criminal attacks on her property.

The Blue Cat Cafe in East Austin serves as a home to more than 200 cats adoptable through the Humane Society – a vital community service that cares for defenseless animals who would otherwise be on the streets or dead.

However, because the cafe is located on the site of a former Jumpolin piñata store that went out of business, SJWs have launched a violent crusade to frighten away the owner, who doesn’t wish to be named because of the threats.

“The vandalism and the mental anguish they’ve caused me and the cyber-bullying they do — it’s really out of control,” the owner told theAustin-American Statesman. “They show up with megaphones and they yell profanity; they send me emails with pictures of dead cats and pigs.”

The owner also said that she had received “multiple death threats…. from protesters who opposed the demolition of Jumpolin.”

The harassment kicked into high gear after vandals daubed an exterior wall of the property with the words, “Fuck you gentrified scum,” while also gluing the doors shut, trapping hundreds of cats and kittens inside the building. Another message that read “GET OUT” was spray painted on a separate wall.

“Can’t get into work. All the locks are glued shut. Cats are crying at the door,” the owner posted on Facebook.

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