Wikileaks releases more emails as Assange vows Clinton’s “arrest”

With just nine days left until the elections, the internet group Wikileaks dropped more hacked emails from a top aide to Hillary Clinton on Sunday, as the founder of Wikileaks proclaimed that additional information to be released from the group would directly lead to the arrest of the Democratic nominee for President.

Here’s a look at some of what we’ve learned this weekend, after the release of the 23rd batch of Podesta emails on Sunday:

1. Still relatively little from Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks supporters have often talked about how the group is going to reveal damaging emails from Hillary Clinton herself, but there’s been precious little of import from her to Podesta or other aides. Much like the extra emails found by the FBI during their investigation of her email server, emails from Clinton to her aides tend to be short approvals of decisions. “Ok to go. Thx,” she wrote about a new campaign ad, in an email released on Sunday. Is this all that Wikileaks has from Clinton?

2. Clinton team grapples with her emails. This has been a constant theme of the releases by Wikileaks, and this weekend was no different. In a series of emails in mid-March of 2015, the Clinton team is scrambling to deal with a New York Times reporter, who is sniffing around Clinton’s emails and the GOP-led investigation into the Benghazi attacks. Some on the Clinton team want to get out front and release Clinton’s emails on the matter, while others aren’t so interested – but they’re worried about what the Times is going to report.

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