Canadians Don’t Want America-Fleeing Liberals (Especially Lena Dunham)

Bad news for anyone looking to relocate to our neighbor to the north after last night’s election results: Canada doesn’t want you.

After Americans—and especially American celebrities—began considering making good on their promises to “move to Canada” in the wake of Donald Trump election victory, Canadians took to Twitter to warn Americans that they’d best stay where they are.

As a Canadian all I can say is Sorry #America but you can't run from your mistakes. You made your bed#Election2016 #Canada

— matt cruz (@Groovycruz) November 9, 2016

They’re even talking about building their own wall—to keep immigrants from American out of their pristine cities and away from their mounted law enforcement, gravy and cheese covered French fries, superior hockey coverage and French Sesame Street.

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