Colorado is ready to test (roll out) a plan that would tax drivers by the mile according to this Denver Post report.

Starting in December, state transportation officials will launch a program to test a new way to raise funds that could one day eliminate the need for the state’s 22-cent per gallon gas tax, which hasn’t been adjusted upward in more than two decades: Make motorists pay for every mile they drive.

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s Road Usage Charge Pilot Programwill recruit 100 volunteers to track how far they drive and then “pay,” in theory, 1.2 cents per mile for their use of the road. No money will actually change hands, but CDOT hopes to get a sense of how such a system would work in terms of mileage reporting and revenue collection.

“It would be similar to electricity and water — you pay for what you use,” said Amy Ford, a CDOT spokeswoman. “This is about fairness.”

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