Conservative Leadership Candidate Cheered For Dismissing Climate Change

GREELY, Ont. — Global warming is apparently up for debate in the Conservative leadership race, judging by the clear differences in how candidates were received Sunday when one explained his support for a carbon tax and another declared he didn’t believe climate change was a real threat.

The distinction arose during a question about corporate subsidies at an unofficial leaders debate featuring nine Conservative candidates assembled in a wedding and conference venue about 30 kilometres from Parliament Hill.

Some of the largest corporate welfare programs are green subsidies and green programs, Ontario MP Michael Chong told the audience of approximately 250 people.

“That is not the Conservative way to reduce emissions,” he said. “I believe that climate change is a real threat and that we have to have a credible market-base conservative solution to reduce emissions.”

Chong continued as some in the crowd began booing, and shouting “No!”

“So what that means is putting a price on carbon using all the revenues to introduce one of the largest income tax cuts in Canadian history and getting rid of all the green regulations, green subsidies and green programs,” he said. “That is the Conservative way.”

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