‘Registered Democrat’ Arrested For Slamming Trump Protester Down Stairs

When a protester denouncing Donald Trump at Ohio State University was violently slammed down a set of stairs on Monday night, agitators accused the man of being a Trump supporter.

Well, it turns out he’s actually a Democrat.

The Lantern tweeted video of the incident police say shows 24-year-old Shane Michael Stanton barreling down the stairs at the Ohio Union and slamming into 2014 OSU graduate Tim Adams, who was speaking through a bullhorn, sending him flying.

Stanton was immediately attacked by other protesters and seized by police.

The crowd chanted “shame!” as he was led away.

Adams, a self-described socialist who apparently assumed Stanton was a Trump supporter, told NBC 4, “This stuff will absolutely continue to happen. This is really just the beginning unless we’re able to organize and fight back against this kind of violence.”

But Stanton’s friends say he is not a Trump supporter and has developmental disabilities.

“I know him,” Lucas Abreu tweeted. “He is not a Trump supporter. Stop spreading lies.”

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