Canadian Taxpayers Shouldn't Have To Foot Bill For British Royals

The British North America Act was passed on July 1, 1867. On that day, Canada became an independent nation with its own culture, values and a diverse people. Along with becoming its own country, the many issues of everyday Canadians fell to the Canadian government.

Such expenditures include the ever-rising costs of health care, education, defence and energy, among many others. Today, Canada is in debt to the tune of $632 billion dollars. That is no small expenditure, especially when a large portion is just paying off interest to service that debt.

Canada has a longstanding history with Britain and the monarchy, which will forever be cemented in the history books. Such a partnership no longer has merit for both countries, however, as Canada no longer relies on Britain for very much.

The majority of Canadians do not support giving tax breaks and tax dollars to the extremely wealthy -- well, except for one. There is one family in particular that falls under this category, and that's the Royal Family.

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