"Well it’s Official, the Trudeau Government is Ruining Family Trips to the Zoo" by Mike D

It used to be that a trip to the zoo was a fun time for the whole family, but now thanks to the Trudeau government that fun is taking a very serious turn towards political correctness.  If the liberals have their way, and changes are made to make everything gender neutral, no more males and females, how will a trip to the zoo go?

Consider this.  No longer being able to call a deer a buck or doe; a bear a boar or sow, a bee a drone or queen; a bird a cock or hen; bison a bull or cow, a cat a tom or queen; a chicken a rooster or hen; a goat a billy or nanny; a goose a Goose or gander; a horse a stud/stallion or dam/mare; a lion a lion or lioness; etc.  What will we do?

As silly as the above sounds, is as silly as the Trudeau governments plan to make everything gender neutral. We are a planet with males and females, there is no legislation that any government can pass that will ever remove that reality.  The Garden of Eden had man and women, remember Adam and Eve, or are they going to be edited out of books also.  Most dictators and despots do rewrite history to suit their agenda.

The Liberal extremist on the left, and I have to say extremist, because who in their right mind does not believe that we on this earth are males and females, are bent on destroying the reality of the world we live in. The narrative for this rebellious action is being pushed by the elites and globalist so as to divide mankind for their own greedy purpose. They float the ideas in their corporate media, that they own, and sit back and watch mankind dissolve into their hands.

The cry for equality use to be for acceptance, and for the most part, people in Canada do accept others for who they are. Be who you want, love who you want and dress the way you want, most people don’t care.  But to now try to legislate out of existence, the very basic of human life, male or female is absurd, besides how will I explain my next trip to the zoo.