"Political Correctness on Steroids" by Mike D

Thanks to the liberal media, political correctness is in hyper drive racing to a corner of your life to set you straight.

Everything you say, do or think now has the potential to offend someone.  The recent US election has exemplified this, thanks to the media with their agenda setting elites.

There is nothing that a President Elect Trump could do, that would not offend some to the point of protest and riots. If he rescued kids from a burning school bus, some would be offended that he tied up traffic.  He takes his family to super, with his security detail, and the media is offended because they did not get a chance to watch him eat. He picks his cabinet and others come out against them citing things that may or may not of happened 30 years ago.  The righteous left have hurt feelings.

Recently in Kingston Ontario, some Queen’s University students held a party, off campus, where attending students had to dress in clothing depicting different ethnic groups. Needless to say the liberal media has lost their minds. So offended are some that expulsion from society is the only solution. How dare young people have harmless fun. The pain the left feels is debilitating. So who was hurt by this party? Nobody lost a job, financial penalty, loss of liberty or physical abuse. At no time was racism being promoted or people forced to attend or watch. The only ones playing the race card are the righteous on the left.

It must be nice to be as perfect as the righteous left.  Anybody else who opens up their closet and looks  back on their life would find at least one thing that they have done or said that if anybody else found out about, they would be embarrassed.  But you know something, thoese on the right understand that and are willing to let people live their own lives as long as it does not threaten the common good.

The righteous left needs to take stalk of the reality of our world we live in today. Stop being influenced by the agenda setters and return to the center of reality.  Not everything in life needs to be a battle.  Enjoy life the way it was meant to be, and if those that are truly bent on hurting others pop up, collectively society will deal with them.