Busted: Newsweek Already Has The Clinton Victory Special Edition In Boxes Ready To Ship

This is quite stunning. It really proves that there never was an election at all.

Trolls are saying this is pre-production and they “probably” have a Trump version too.NOT SO, NOT THIS FAR BEFORE THE ELECTION DAY. There are boxes and boxes of these, which would not be needed if it was not rigged because with high speed offset web presses placed nationwide they can start distribution within hours in each local area and have it to the news stands a LOT FASTER than printing it up beforehand and trucking it everywhere. The fact it is already in print, COMPLETE WITH BARCODE when it should only be in PDF, or other computer file form SAYS IT ALL.  

“Your argument is “well They have both candidates in print as winning so they are ready to go.” Here is the problem with that theory. In 2012 the only candidate leaked magazine and tv polls showed winning was Obama. No one else! That kills that theory.”

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