Rallies demand referendum on Alberta government’s planned carbon tax

EDMONTON — Alberta’s Opposition leader told hundreds of people at a rally against a planned carbon tax that the province’s oil belongs to them.

Brian Jean stressed that no one at Saturday’s rally at the legislature was blaming Notley for low energy prices that have hurt Alberta’s economy.

But Brian Jean says Notley’s carbon tax is going to make things worse.

Other rallies were held at the same time in other Alberta cities, and organizers circulated a petition calling for the government to hold a referendum on the carbon tax.

Tracy Leite, who spoke at the rally, said the business she and her husband started together has been forced to lay people off.

Leite says Notley wouldn’t understand unless she had to sit across from someone and tell them they were losing their job.

“Not every business owner is a highly−paid executive. I’m hanging on by a fingernail,” Leite told the crowd.

On Jan. 1, a new carbon tax kicks in, which will increase prices at the gas pumps and on heating bills. There will be full or partial rebates for low− and middle−income Albertans.

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