Trudeau’s Carbon Tax May Kill Airline Industry Warns Westjet

Gregg Saretsky, the WestJet CEO, recently said that they were working closely with the government and needed to be very careful otherwise, they would kill an industry which is very important to the economic growth of the country. He said that it needed to pass the test of reasonableness.

Last week Catherine McKenna, the federal Environment Minister, said that the country was going to have a national price for carbon emissions by the end of this year. Also, the carbon tax in Alberta is all set to begin from 1st January 2017. This will impose 5.1% per liter taxes on the purchase of jet fuel for flights which originate and terminate in the province itself.

British Columbia, where there’s already a carbon tax in place already imposes 7.83% per liter levies on all jet fuel purchases for every intraprovincial flight.

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