Christmas spirit returns to liberated Aleppo after 4 years of terror (VIDEO)

The people of Aleppo have waited for this moment for far too long. After terrorist groups first entered the city back in 2012, Christmas and all other holidays were not only canceled, they were replaced with destruction, carnage and despair. For four excruciating years civilians lived in a city besieged by the world’s most heinous men from ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates.

But in December 2016, Christmas came early when, after months of fierce battle, the Syrian army with the aid of Russian air support, technical assistance and special forces, finally liberated the country’s largest city from terrorist control.

As the mainstream media continue sympathizing with the terrorists, peddling lies about the city’s fate, one thing is certain – nothing can stop the holiday spirit and joy from returned to the hearts of the people who have endured and sacrificed more than most in the world can ever imagine or comprehend. They’ve truly deserved it.