Do Hatchimals swear? Parents allege toy swears, makes ‘sexual’ noises

Some parents may be listening more closely their child’s Hatchimal toy after several YouTube videos surfaced supposedly showing the toy blurting out – what some people are saying sounds like – swear words.

According to several reports on social media, some believe the toy sounds like it’s swearing during the hatching process.

“I don’t expect everyone to hear it as clearly as I do,” Sarah Galego said said in a YouTube video uploaded Wednesday.“But when you’re here in person its obvious. Not to mention when its hatching it says that phrase at least 100 times.”

“I’m pretty sure it says ‘f— me,'” Nick Galego told CTV Vancouver. The family later uploaded a YouTube video capturing the alleged swearing. While the first word is not entirely clear, the Hatchimal clearly says “me” immediately following what sounds like a big sigh.

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