"No Identification Required, Vote Away" by Mike D

 If you had any doubt in your mind about the destructiveness of Justin’s liberals, hang on, they are at it again.   Democratic Institution Minister Maryam Monsef, remember her, the Cabinet minister who could not remember where she was born, has just delivered the next blow to Canadian Democracy.

The law requiring voters showing up at polling stations to have appropriate photo identification is offensive to liberals. A roll back of Bill C-50 is what liberals feel Canada needs. Justin’s government is making it so that anyone showing up to vote without identification, will still be allowed to vote if they have someone from their own ridding vouching for them, how nice. I guess it truly is all about sunny ways.

In the world of liberalism, nobody lies, misleads, falsifies or is dishonest, and the liberals are proving it to us, leading by example. They have not lied to Canadians about the debt increase only going to be 10 billion dollars a year, it was just a small accounting error. On job creation, Justin did create a couple of jobs, he had nannies hired for his kids. On infrastructure, he has given out billions of dollars to help 3rdworld nations, just not Canada yet, he is probably waiting till he gets us to 3rd world status. But they have been showing us the importance of friends, such as the type that can go to lunch with a cabinet minister for thousands of dollars a plate.  Great job Justin!

But I wonder if liberal ways work in the world we live in.  If stopped by police and asked for identification, I wonder if I can call a friend to vouch for me.  How about at the Post Office, trying to pick-up a delivery, can a friend just vouch for me?   We all know that a friend is not good enough for them at the border, for some reason they want a passport, maybe Justin’s liberals can send a memo to all border crossings that vouching is good enough.

Voting is one of the greatest privileges in our country.  All that is asked is that you be a citizen of the country, be of proper voting age, and have proper identification. These foolish rules have something to do with voter fraud, something the liberals do not believe will happen. Are they being naive in thinking voter fraud will not happen, or is there a bigger agenda.  I am betting that this is part of the bigger picture for the global agenda.  Consider immigration.  Open borders, bring in as many new immigrants as possible, especially around election time, called securing votes, and now they vote, with or without identification. How about the burka controversy, no longer any reason to see the persons face, just vouch for them. The number one goal of globalist is to weaken democracy through liberalism, and their number one tool is immigration.   Justin’s liberals are on board 100%.

Why is our elected government not listening to the people?  Why do they choose to ignore Canada and Canadians and favor the globalist agendas?  Have Canadians asked for such a change in voting laws? Have you ever heard anybody say it would be a good idea to just go in and vote without proving who you are, or even if you are a citizen, or resident of the ridding you are voting in?  Probably not, but you see Justin’s Liberals don’t care what Canadians think.  Canadians as well as all westerns hemispheric people believe that there are legitimate reasons to provide photo identification and do so without thinking.  Now thanks to the globalist agenda the most sacred part of our free world, voting in a democracy, is being manipulated and abused.  We the people will not forget!