Officers Kept Piling Parking Tickets On Man’s Windshield As He Sat Dead In His Car — For Days

Broward County, FL – Government incompetence hit an all time low recently in Broward County, where parking enforcers slapped tickets on a man’s windshield for days while he sat dead inside of the car.

After several days of piling the tickets on the windshield, none of the parking enforcers bothered to check if the owner of the car was safe or if there was a reason for the car to be abandoned.

Parking enforcers aren’t paid to care about citizens, they are paid to extract revenue from them.

A concerned neighbor by the name of Carolyn White noticed the pile of tickets while walking by the vehicle one day, and took that as a possible clue that something could be wrong. Taking a quick look inside the vehicle, White noticed the lifeless body of 62-year-old Jacob Morpeau.

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