Facebook’s blocker-blocking ads blocked by blockers

As you may have noticed over the last few days — I sure did — Facebook recently incorporated a sneaky change to the way its ads are displayed that disguised them as ordinary content and circumvented ad blocking software in browsers. Ads crowded the streams of even the most vigilant users.  But this hell on earth was not to last: two days and change later, the Adblock Plus community has found a way to block them again.

On Tuesday, when Facebook implemented the change, Adblock Plus was philosophical about it. This wasn’t the end of an era, but perhaps the start of one: “If nothing else, all this attention from Facebook shows that ad blocking has finally made the big time.”

A global community of staunchly anti-advertising coders and hackers is a great base to call on in such a situation, and they delivered.

If you use AdBlock Plus, it should update itself automatically, or you can add the filter yourself. Now that the seal has been broken, you can probably expect the blocker-blocker block to come to other ad blockers as well.

“We promised that the open source community would have a solution very soon, and, frankly, they’ve beaten even our own expectations,” the company wrote in a blog post. But it also tempered its enthusiasm by noting that this was no great victory, just another day for proponents of ad-blocking.

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