The Dallas Cowboys are no longer America's Team, so who is?

Everyone used to know who America's Team was.

These days, it's not as obvious.

The Dallas Cowboys will never fully lose the lofty "America's Team" nickname, but the title has certainly not been earned in recent years.

The Cowboys might make a load of money -- the franchise is the most valuable in the world, according to Forbes -- but that's where the relevance stops. Business is only half the game, at best, and in the modern media landscape, the product on the field matters more and more every year.

Look at a franchise like the Golden State Warriors. Before Stephen Curry became the back-to-back MVP of the NBA, the Warriors were arguably the worst franchise in all of sports. The Chicago Blackhawks couldn't put 3,000 people in the United Center before 2008 -- now the Hawks are a cash cow that might as well have a national TV deal.

Relevance comes cheap these days. Staying power is hard to maintain. Amid these truths, the Cowboys are testing fate -- they're a worse-than .500 team in recent years that is cashing in on its reputation from 20 years ago.

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