Aaron Driver: The terror attack suspect’s path to radicalization

The man behind the recent threat to Canada’s national security, Aaron Driver, was a vocal ISIS sympathizer who became radicalized on home soil.

Driver was killed in an exchange with police Wednesday in southern Ontario after authorities learned he planned to attack an urban centre during rush hour sometime this week.

Here’s what we know about the 24-year-old’s path to radicalization.

‘From one extreme to the next’

Driver’s father says as a young child Aaron was “happy-go-lucky.” When he was seven, his mother got sick and died from brain cancer.

“That’s kind of when the lights went out,” said Wayne Driver on Thursday to Global News, from his home in Cold River, Alta. “He never went through the grieving process. He got very angry. He was angry with me. He told me he wished it was me instead of her. They were very close.”

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