Breaking: Canadian Patients Can Grow Their Own Marijuana

Health Canada announced today that medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow a “limited” amount of cannabis at home. Up until now Canadian medical marijuana patients were limited to purchasing their cannabis through one of Canada’s 34 Health Canada approved producers.

The announcement follows a Feb. 24 ruling by Federal Court judge Michael Phelan that struck down the former Conservative government’s law that required patients to purchase their cannabis from licensed producers and forbid home-grows. Judge Phelan stated that restricting patients to purchasing solely through government approved producers was a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He gave the government six months to amend the rules.

Under the new rules set to come into effect on Aug. 24, medical marijuana patients can register to grow their own cannabis, or designate someone to grow for them.

“If an individual wants to produce a limited amount of cannabis for his/her own medical purposes, he/she must submit an application to register with Health Canada,” according to the new guidelines. “An original medical document from the health-care practitioner must be provided and the application must include information such as the location of where cannabis will be produced and stored.”

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