Deadly storm system leaves La. in shambles, threatens new flooding in Illinois

The storm system that wreaked havoc on Louisiana, where four people died and 20,000 had to be rescued, is working its way into the Midwest, where officials are braced for major flooding.

The storm system first moved west into Texas, then pivoted northeast, prompting flood warnings in southern Illinois after five inches of rain fell on the region.

National Weather Service forecaster Kim Humphrey said Sunday the storm system has cleared battered southern Louisiana, but said there is now "potential for flooding" to the north.

Forecaster Kim Humphrey of the NWS station in Lake Charles, said there is “potential for flooding” in that region. The bad news for surrounding regions came as parts of Louisiana recovered from heavy rains that sent creeks and rivers cresting over their banks and forced responders to rescue thousands.

In high-water vehicles, boats and helicopters, emergency crews hurried to rescue scores of south Louisiana residents as the governor warned that it was not over.

From the air homes in southwest Louisiana looked more like little islands surrounded by flooded fields. Farmland was covered, streets descended into impassable pools of water, shopping centers were inundated with only roofs of cars peeking above the water.

From the ground it was just as catastrophic.

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