Usain Bolt's 100 meters is the greatest show on earth

It has to be extremely deflating to race next to Usain Bolt.

To come out of the tunnel to the audible cheers from your family members and few fans, only to then to watch him come out to raucous applause and stadium-wide cheers. To stand beside him as all the runners are introduced, and see him dance and play to the crowd as everyone else around him tries to focus. It’s not that the pressure doesn’t get to him, but that he enjoys it. He revels in it. You’re trying to concentrate, knowing the gravity of the race before you, and he’s not even bothered.

You already come out knowing you face a near impossible task in beating him, and the man that you’ve prepared and trained years to overcome isn’t even acknowledging you, or pretending that you pose any type of danger to his preordained victory. He knows he’s going to win, and deep down you know he’s going to win as well. You just have to play your part as a bit character in this particular episode of "Usain Bolt embarrasses everyone."

Nothing made that more clear than the semifinal of the 100 meters. At least in these Olympics.

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