Metallica Opened Up About Their Rough Start In The First Look At ‘The Early Years’

People really love anything they can get their hands on from the Metallica‘s early yeah-hehs years. Their demo cassette was the biggest seller of 2015’sRecord Store Day, but that was more than a year ago and those cassettes have probably warped in the heat by now. Luckily, Spotify is here to slake the thirst for Metallica fans with their punctuation-filled documentary Landmark – Metallica: The Early Years.

The four-part doc covers Metallica from their formation in 1981 on up to the release of 1984’s Ride the Lightning. The first episode will cover how James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich met, a bit of which is revealed in the first trailer up top.

“When I met Lars, he was pretty much a stinky European kid,” Hetfield said, before revealing that Ulrich showed him the sounds that would form the basis of Metallica. “He introduced me to a whole other world of music.”

Ulrich is much less flowery in his examination of their meeting, though he’s just as quick to put James down.

“[Hetfield] was really awkward,” he said.

All four episodes of the documentary will drop on August 18, going into the recording of Lightning and the group’s rise to one of the biggest bands in the world.

Source - Uproxx