NSA's website goes down amid hacking fears

An almost day-long outage of the National Security Agency’s website has raised further questions as to whether America's most secretive surveillance agency has itself been compromised, days after a shadowy cybergroup claimed to have obtained some of the NSA's most powerful hacking tools.

The NSA.gov website went down late Monday, according to Politico, and was not restored until late Tuesday. A request for comment to the NSA from FoxNews.com was not immediately returned.

The outage, however, came after the posting of a cache of hacking tools purportedly by a group known as "The Shadow Brokers" to its Tumblr account over the weekend. The group claimed to have obtained the malware, supposedly used by the NSA, from The Equation Group, a hacking group with alleged ties to the agency.

Foreign Policy magazine reported the hackers were attempting to auction off some of the malware to the highest bidder. The page has since been taken down.

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