Americanuck Radio Sports - The Lone Star Lowdown - Big 12 Expansion

Among the hottest offseason topics in college football, the debate over the Big 12 Conference’s decision to pursue potential expansion candidates has been raging for the past month.  Will the conference expand to twelve teams?  Will it reach fourteen?  Or will the ten existing members decide to maintain the status quo?  Christian, Maxx, and Blake break down the twenty candidates currently being considered for membership and decide who they would most like to see make the jump to the Big 12.  Each of the guys has analyzed aspects such as academics, football prestige, market value, and geographic proximity to the core of the existing conference in order to determine a top five list of schools, but they’ve also each thrown a wild card into the selection process.  Tune in to find out just how far over the edge the Texas-educated experts have gone.  

For reference, the twenty schools and their current conferences are (in alphabetical order):
    -Air Force (Mountain West)
    -Arkansas State (Sun Belt)
    -Boise State (Mountain West)
    -BYU (Independent)
    -Cincinnati (American)
    -Colorado State (Mountain West)
    -Connecticut (American)
    -East Carolina (American)
    -Houston (American)
    -Memphis (American)
    -New Mexico (Mountain West)
    -Northern Illinois (Mid-American)
    -Rice (Conference USA)
    -San Diego State (Mountain West)
    -SMU (American)
    -Temple (American)
    -Tulane (American)
    -UCF (American)
    -USF (American)
    -UNLV (Mountain West)

Biggest Matchups/Potential GAMEDAY Games:

Every Saturday during college football season, the ESPN College Gameday crew rolls into one lucky town to kick off another round of action from coast to coast.  They always go where the biggest games are being played, but the schedule is not set before the season.  We’ll only know officially where Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Sam Ponder and the rest of the gang will be when the week in question is practically upon us.  Despite this, The Lone Star Lowdown boys are out to dissect the schedule week by week and predict which of the biggest games stand the best chance to be featured on Gameday.  Tune in to learn the difference between Bristol, Connecticut and Bristol, Tennessee and discover why Maxx is sure to be the target of flying buckeyes in the coming months.  It’s another round of disorder in the court deep in the heart of Texas that you will not want to miss!