Brazilian police call on Lochte and Feigen to be charged with 'false reporting of a crime'

That press conference was held after members of law enforcement spoke with Conger, Bentz and the driver of their cab that Sunday.

The swimmers both told police that they fabricated claims that they and their Olympic teammates Lochte and Feigen were robbed at a gas station by men pretending to police.

Instead, one of the swimmers confirmed that actual sequence of events, which involved the men causing damage to the gas station bathroom and then being asked to wait for police to arrive on the scene.

Two of the men then tried to flee, at which point a security guard pulled out a gun so they would stay. The men then handed over some money and were on the way.

One big mystery remains however,  as it pertains to the identity of the two women who were with the men prior to the incident.

Friends of Lochte are now mounting a defense of the swimmer, and even claiming that his version of events will be proven essentially true.

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