Samsung Galaxy Note 7 versus S7 Edge: Which phone to bu

Note 7 or S7 Edge? Both Samsung Galaxy phones have a lot in common, especially those wraparound screens that look awesome and are home to special shortcut software. Both phones share similar specs, including a sharp-shooting, 12-megapixel camera and the same speedy processor.

There are slight variations, but the biggest differences come down to this:

  • Note 7's S Pen stylus
  • Note 7's higher price
  • S7 Edge's slightly longer battery life
  • Note 7's 64GB of onboard storage versus the Edge's 32GB

I really enjoy the Note 7. It's Samsung's best, most luxe-feeling phone, and I enjoy using it to navigate around and mark up the screen. But if you're not going to use the digital pen, then the phone probably isn't for you. The S7 Edge's more sloping curves will get you the same immersive, feeling as the Note 7 (arguably more so) and the battery will take you a little further, too.

Although the Note 7 doubles the S7 Edge's storage, casual users can get away with the Edge's 32GB capacity, or can buy a microSD card for more space. (Both the S7 Edge and Note 7 card slots accept up to 256GB more.) Those cards are reasonably priced, but it's nice not to have to think about storage at all.

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