Windows 10 Anniversary Update broke millions of webcams

If your webcam is freezing after about a minute when using Skype, or another app, then you can thank Microsoft.


The Redmond giant meant to allow multiple apps to access the camera at the same time, but didn’t want users to suffer poor performance as those apps concurrently accessed the webcam and the MJPEG or H264 encoding processes. So Microsoft decided the best plan was to stop USB webcams from using MJPEG or H264 and instead to only support webcams that use YUY2 encoding.

Although Microsoft claimed there have been a “small number of reports,” that doesn’t jive with comments on Microsoft’s community forums. It seems that both enterprise and consumers have been impacted since the Anniversary Update.

User Dacuda posted: “We have a working product running for years and millions of unhappy users that are unable to use it at all after this update.” He added, “We have millions of users and we are in situation now where we have to tell them not to update the Windows anymore or switch to Mac OS.”

Stephan B, Crealogix, wrote, “Thousands of our customers can’t use our product now to process their payments by e-banking!”

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