Real estate agent offering to help angry, Canada-bound voters sell homes

‘If my candidate doesn’t win, I’m moving to Canada.’

It’s a common refrain, perhaps even more so in the heated 2016 race – but one South Carolina realtor is trying to cash in on the voter discontent. 

Jeff Cook has put up roughly a dozen billboards across eastern South Carolina with pictures of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton staring down, next to the phrase, “Moving to Canada? We can sell your home.”

The 48-foot by 15-foot advertisements offering the services of Jeff Cook Real Estate started cropping up along freeways and interstate highways back when the Republican convention began last month. The signs are, naturally, a bit tongue-in-cheek – after all, few ever make good on threats to move across the northern border. But Cook tells they’re generating business, including from people who say they're looking to make that move.

“It’s a joke, obviously, but we have actually started the application process for people who want to move if their candidate doesn’t win,” Cook said. “I don’t know if they understand the immigration issues, cost and paperwork that comes with this. But they say they’re serious.”

Cook’s billboards have become a sensation across social media, resulting in about 200 additional phone calls a week from around the world. Most of the callers are looking for a good realtor, some are members of the media (including press from New Zealand and Great Britain) and others are fascinated by the ads and want to give their opinion.

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