Canadian Medical Association: Doctors Want Minimum Age Set At 21 For Pot Use, Possession

The Canadian Medical Association says 72 per cent of doctors who responded to a survey it conducted want the federal government to regulate THC levels in recreational marijuana.

A total of 788 doctors, or 19 per cent of the association's membership, responded to the survey earlier this summer.

Nearly 87 per cent of the physicians who took part in the survey also say they need updated research on the harms of cannabis, while more than a quarter of the respondents say a minimum age of 21 should be set for anyone who buys or possesses pot.

The association surveyed its members before the government introduces legislation expected next year to legalize marijuana.

It says it will meet with a federal task force considering issues involving marijuana.

The association is meeting in Vancouver, where it also heard doctors need a national database on marijuana poisoning among children and youth.

Source - Huffington Post