New Denver Broncos starting QB Trevor Siemian: Who is this guy?

For Trevor Siemian, this almost never happened. A few times.

But here he is, the player who is replacing Peyton Manning as starting quarterback for the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

But who is Siemian and how did he get here?

“He was pretty darn freaking consistent,” Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald told USA TODAY Sports in a phone conversation. “I mean, really, from the day he showed up until the day that he left. He just approached everything very systematically.”

At first, Siemian’s laid-back, easy-going nature turned some heads when he first arrived in Evanston, Ill. The folks at Northwestern got used to it. They shrugged their shoulders and repeated a phrase: Trevor being Trevor.

They used it when Siemian entered a season-opening game in the fourth quarter during his redshirt sophomore season and orchestrated a last-minute victory against Syracuse. When he went up to a tee box to open a round of golf and “piped one down the fairway, three hundred bills, only to go shankapotomus on the next one and instead of cussing, saying: ‘All right, let’s find where that one landed.’ ” When he played pranks on coaches and teammates. When he returned to his high school gym this offseason to work out and throw passes to teenagers.

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