Reality check: Are your sheets dirtier than a toilet seat?

It’s enough to give you nightmares: Recent testing found that pillowcases, bed sheets, and mattresses harbour millions of bacteria.

Tests were conducted on volunteers’ sheets and pillowcases every week over four weeks of use. The results found a higher bacteria count on the bedding than on many of the grimiest places in your home.

Not so fast, says germ expert Jason Tetro — after he was able to stop laughing. Tetro is a microbiologist and author of the bestseller, The Germ Files.

“They’re just playing on peoples’ fears,” said Tetro. “No one should ever take this type of study seriously.”

He says while it’s true, there are millions of bacteria present on your sheets, they are not going to harm you.

“What they found is exactly what you would expect to find,” said Tetro.

Our bodies shed about a million microbes per hour, even while sleeping. And when you’re in bed, they end up on your sheets.

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