Trans student outed by Edmonton teachers wins ‘landmark’ privacy ruling

By the time Ella Grant started Grade 8 she was used to being “the weird kid.” She had been on the receiving end of nasty looks and the subject of schoolyard gossip before.

But nothing prepared her to handle the name teachers and students called her numerous times in her first months at her new junior high in 2013: Eliot.

“This was the one time it really got to me,” Ella said.

That’s because the then-13-year-old student had hoped to start the school year living as a transgender female.

Her mother Carla met with staff at Victoria School of the Arts to ensure her daughter’s male birth name and gender would be kept private.

“They asked us if we wanted to keep it private from everybody, meaning the student body and the staff, or just from the student body,” Carla Grant explained. “We asked them to keep it private just from the students.”

But that didn’t happen.

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