Rio Olympic Games kick off under cloud of insecurity

RIO DE JANEIRO — Despite a slew of robberies and terrorism arrests in the weeks leading up to Friday's opening ceremony, U.S. officials say they are confident that Brazilian security forces can fully protect the Olympic Games.

American law enforcement has spent years training Brazilian officials and increased the level of information they share with their Brazilian counterparts. But the U.S. security footprint in Rio will be small throughout the three weeks of events, leaving the brunt of security work up to the Brazilians.

Brazil has pooled its local, state and federal law enforcement to deploy 85,000 people to secure the Games, more than double the number used in London in 2012. On Friday, Brazil's O Globo newspaper reported that Brazil has increased that figure to 100,000 as news of violence has swept through Rio.

In recent weeks, the cases have added up.

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