Man selling dead fleas on eBay for thousands

An Innisfil man will make several thousand dollars this weekend selling dead fleas on eBay.

The 10-day auction ends at midnight on Saturday. Current bid: $4,000.

These aren’t your average dead fleas though, and Steve White isn’t your average vendor.

The items up for sale are known as “Pulgas Vestidas,” or “Dressed Fleas,” a lost Mexican folk art known to have been produced between 1880 and 1926, White says.

Pulgas Vestidas are pairs of fleas usually decorated as bride and groom or farmer and wife. The details are impressive, given each flea is smaller than a grain of rice.

“In 1926, they stop being made ... nobody knows why,” White said. “The curious part is nobody knows exactly how they’re made or what material they’re made with.”

One theory has the items being made by nuns at a monastery in Mexico that burnt down in 1926, White says. 

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