Latino group hopes to troll Trump with taco trucks on Election Day

Washington (CNN)Marco Gutierrez, the "Latinos for Trump" founder who warned unchecked immigration would lead to "taco trucks on every corner," might have his nightmare come true on Election Day. Sort of.

The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is organizing an effort hoping to put taco trucks on every corner -- or, rather, every polling site -- on Election Day.

    Gutierrez, a top Latino surrogate for Donald Trump's campaign, recently warned, in vivid terms, of negative consequences if America did not adopt tighter immigration policies.

    "My culture is a very dominant culture. And it's imposing, and it's causing problems. If you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks on every corner," Gutierrez told MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid.

    Last week, treating Gutierrez's warning as a challenge of sorts, the USHCC created the initiative"Guac the Vote." Its aim -- mobilizing taco truck owners to encourage its customers to register to vote, and park their trucks outside polling sites on Nov. 8.

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