'I'm Freaking Out': People Cope Without Tech at Digital Detox Camp

Our daily connection with digital devices can be obsessive for many, and even addicting for others. "Sixty-six percent of us suffer from nomophobia, which is a fear of losing your phone or not having access to your phone," notes Techlicious' Suzanne Kantra. This has lead to a "digital detox" trend. More people are making time to disconnect. For those without the willpower to do it on their own there are retreats that structure time away from tech. More than 100 people came to a recent "Camp Grounded" in North Carolina for four days of tech free play. "Adults get to let go of some of the habitual patterns of their daily lives, like keeping track of time and schedule and being glued to their technology," explains counselor Megan Lipsett. Participants say the digital detox has physical and psychological benefits. "We're not saying that technology is bad or evil everything is neutral can be a medicine or a poison," Lipsett says.