Miami Dolphins’ players should ‘give up’ freedom of speech on the field: police union

Three members of Miami Dolphins continued to kneel in protest during the American national anthem before Sunday’s game, despite criticism from their local police.

Safety Michael Thomas, wide receiver Kenny Stills and running back Arian Foster also knelt last week, during the first game of the season, following 49er’s Colin Kaepernick’s lead in protest of racial inequality in the United Sates.

But the local union for the Broward County sheriff’s office, which provides team-sponsored police protection during home games, took issue with the protest. Officials with the union want its officers to stop escorting members until all players stand during the anthem.

“I can only imagine the public outcry if a group of police officers refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or if we turned our back for the American flag for the national anthem. There would be a public outcry and internal affairs complaints a mile long on that,” Jeffery Bell, president of the local police union, told the Miami Herald on Friday.

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