Toronto Pride Apologizes To Black Lives Matter For 'History Of Racism'

TORONTO — The organizers of Toronto's Pride Parade have issued a wide-ranging apology for what they describe as a "history of racism and marginalization.''

Pride Toronto says its "history of anti-blackness'' and "repeated marginalization of the marginalized'' has deepened divisions within the LGBTQ community.

The organization apologized for this history and pledged to follow through on promises made to the Toronto chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The group temporarily halted Toronto's Pride Parade in July to issue a series of demands that included more funding and better representation for racialized communities during Pride events.

It also called for a ban on police floats in future parades, though stressed that individual officers identifying as LGBTQ would be welcome.

The parade resumed about half an hour later when Pride's then-executive director Matthieu Chantelois signed the list of demands, but later told the media that he only did it so he could get the event moving again.

Chantelois resigned about a month later amid allegations of racism and harassment in the workplace.

In Tuesday's apology, Pride said community members had made statements that did not represent the organization and stressed its commitment to following through on its pledges to Black Lives Matter.

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