Trump v. Clinton: Best one-liners from the first presidential debate

U.S. Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off Monday nightin the first debate, and there was no shortage of quips that drew either applause — or gasps.

Clinton, the democratic nominee, and Trump, the republican nominee, sparred back and forth for 90 minutes at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on many issues including climate change, NAFTA, Trump’s tax returns and the war in Iraq. But it was the personal jabs that seemed to garner audience reaction at the debate and on social media.

When Trump got in a dig about Clinton’s absence from the campaign trail, she said there was nothing wrong with spending time preparing for the debate.

Although Trump seemed to have a case of the sniffles Monday night, he did promise to release his tax returns as long as Clinton does the same with her missing “33,000” emails.

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