FBI Director Let Hillary Off the Hook. Now, We Know Why He Wouldn't Talk About The Clinton Foundation.

FBI Director James Comey was summoned before Congress to talk about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails. The man cut an imposing figure: Clean-cut, dressed in charcoal gray, a professional in every sense of the word.

The mismatch between Comey's damning testimony and his refusal to press for indictment against Mrs. Clinton baffles some political observers to this day.

Did a private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch, his superior at the Department of Justice, and former President Bill Clinton sway the decision? Are there any conflicts of interest the American people did not know about?

FBI Director James Comey wouldn't answer questions about the Clinton Foundation, as The New York Times reported in July. The Times wrote:

Mr. Comey refused to answer a question from the committee chairman about whether the investigation the bureau conducted extended to the Clinton Foundation, which has faced questions about donations from foreign officials seeking to influence American policy.

“I’m not going to comment on the existence or nonexistence of other investigations,” he said.

“Was the Clinton Foundation tied into this investigation?” Mr. Chaffetz asked.

“I’m not going to answer that,” Mr. Comey said.

It has been learned since his Congressional testimony that a complex web of relationships ties James Comey to the Clinton Foundation.

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