Edmonton man arrested for aggravated assault after saving his mother from two ‘violent’ carjackers

After saving his mother from two would-be carjackers, an Edmonton man is facing an assault charge of his own.

“It was just terrifying, I’m shaking just talking about it,” said his mother, who asked not to be named out of fear of retribution.

She had just returned to her Canora home after picking up groceries for dinner at around 5 p.m. on Aug. 28 when two men with tattoos on their faces tried to force their way into either side of her car.

“They climbed right in my car,” she said, her voice quivering. “He said, ‘give me the keys, bitch.’”

Terrified, she managed to push the driver’s side door open forcing one of her attackers back. Clutching her keys, she pushed her way through and ran towards her home, screaming for help.

Inside, her adult son – who had arrived at her home just moments before – noticed two men surrounding his mother’s car and leapt to her rescue, his father following just steps behind.

As one of the men tried to bail out of the passenger’s side of the car her son tackled him, pinning him to the ground.

His father began following the second suspect who, oddly, was walking away from the scene “casually, as if nothing happened,” he said.

Then, the second suspect suddenly turned to face him with his hands tucked inside the front pockets of his hoodie.

“His eyes were just black, like a vampire,” he said, worried the suspect was going to pull out a knife.

In the meantime, their son had ran back to the house and grabbed the first thing in sight, a baseball bat kept by the front door, and started chasing the second suspect.

“It was the only thing he could think of to do,” his mother recalled between heaving sobs.

As the father held the first suspect on the pavement awaiting police, the son chased the second man for three blocks before tackling him too.

“He took them right down. He just wasn’t going to have any of that, it’s his mother,” she said.

When police arrived, the two suspects were transported from the scene by ambulance while their son was handcuffed and taken downtown in the back of a police cruiser.

After finding out both of the attempted carjackers have extensive criminal histories, the family – still shaken from the traumatic incident – wonder what the suspects were doing loose on the street.

“Both of them have a rap sheet a mile long, and they’re out there on the street terrorizing the public,” said the father, adding, “lock these guys up that are violent like this and throw the key away.”

His mother said she could hardly bear to see the son who had just saved her from two attackers put in handcuffs, and now worries the men will come back for revenge.

“What if it was your wife, your mother or your daughter?” She asked, now afraid to open her doors in her own neighbourhood.

Benjamin MacIntyre, 23, and Raymond Cardinal, 26, have both been charged with robbery.

Johnathan Tews, 24, was charged with aggravated assault and will appear before a judge on Sept. 15.

Despite the charge, both parents say they stand behind their son’s actions, afraid of what could have happened had he not been there to save his mother.

Source - National Post