Trudeau Coaches Kids' Basketball Game In China Against Yao Ming

SHANGHAI — With the higher-stakes political discussions behind him, Justin Trudeau's week-long mission to foster Canadian-Chinese relations adopted a lighter tone Friday.

Early in the week, the prime minister talked trade and investment in Beijing with the most-powerful men in the Chinese leadership, including President Xi Jinping.

Trudeau also used a speech Thursday night in Shanghai to call on China to do more to promote and protect human rights. In the address, he preached to the economic superpower on the value of good governance and free expression.

On Friday, Trudeau's effort to connect with the Chinese had moved into a far different phase.

It included high fives at a kids' basketball game, smoked meat and his on-stage performance of a yoga and tai chi-like dance in front of a crowd.

Unlike his earlier appearances this week in China, Trudeau had abandoned his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. He seemed to be more at ease.

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