Illinois Dairy Queen owner loses franchise after admitting to racial tirade

When Deianeira Ford ordered a $5 combo at a Dairy Queen in Zion, Illinois, she sparked a series of events that would eventually end up with the owner of the fast food restaurant losing his franchise over his use of racial slurs directed at customers.

According to media reports, Ford and her two young children were at the drive-thru on Wednesday but noticed the meal was incomplete. After she was told her order couldn’t be fulfilled, she asked for a refund.

“I asked for the manager for either a refund or for my food. And when he came to the window he handed me five dollars and then proceeded to tell me that if he was the one taking my order, he wouldn’t even have served me,” Ford told theChicago Tribune.

Ford said the shop owner, James Crichton, continued and called her and her children the N-word and said “her people” weren’t welcome at his restaurant.

The 21-year-old was upset, but what shook her was when her nearly three-year-old daughter repeated the slur.

“Mommy, we n—-?” the girl asked, according to The Washington Post.

That’s when Ford called the police.

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