The End of Canada

One thing Canadians are learning from Justin’s “Re-Engagement Tour,” is that he is clearly in over his head as the leader of Canada.  The most damaging misstep that Justin could make was made on Friday January 13, 2017 in Peterborough, Ontario when he failed to realize the power of the office he holds, and made the horrific comment that“We can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out.” This single comment was a dagger in the heart of the economic engine of Canada, and is fatal.

If Western Canada had any hopes of a kick start to the oil fields, they are now out of luck. Justin’s comment has just served notice on future developers, potential exploration companies, investors in Canadian natural resources, the stock markets the Canadian economy, and the world, that we are now entering the beginning of the end of Canada as we know it.

As it was not already bad enough with the carbon tax, which is crushing Canadian families and driving businesses either out of or away from investing, the last hope of salvation for our country, through our natural resources has just been moved to the do not resuscitate list.

The irony is that while Justin will continue to phase out our oil fields, he will continue to buy oil from friends in the Middle East.  While the Arab nations will continue to prosper, and they must be laughing at us now, we will pay.  As President elect Donald Trump, unlike President Obama, is keen to get Canadian oil, and reduce American dependency on Arab nations, Justin has slowly began to close that door and turn the tap off.  What many may not realizes that Canada sits 3rd in the world of oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia being 2nd and Venezuela being 1st. Justin’s comment has taken us out of the market, and ensured that the world’s oil supply will continue to richen the Arab nations.

Canada now sits at a juncture of slipping to a nation of rich and poor. Justin has drank the cool-aid of the globalist and elites, and is single handily going to destroy our economy.  The only possibility that remains for Canada to come out from under this globalist agenda is either a President Trump pressuring Justin to quickly rethink his position or a vote of non-confidence in his government, which would require liberal MP to break from party line and vote against one of his confidence bills, and that is not to likely to happen.

Sadly Canadians are living in the final days of the end of a Canada that we have come to know and prospers under. Canadians need to unite and fight this policy or forever pay the consequences. The end of Canada has begun.

Source - PR For Canadians