Twitter has discussed the idea of banning Donald Trump: report

On a seemingly daily basis, a tweet from the account of Donald Trump causes international headlines.

The president-elect uses the social media platform to speak directly to the world, oftentimes giving his immediate reaction to issues, whether someone criticizes him or he is unhappy with a business or to praise a member of his team.

Trump also used Twitter to help propel himself to victory in November’s U.S. presidential election.

Twitter employees, much like the rest of America, assumed Hillary Clinton would win, with Trump’s shocking tweets being largely dismissed.

But when Trump won, it prompted deep concerns for many at the tech company.

“Fast-forward to the day after election,” a former Twitter staffer told The Verge. “I could feel it in my timeline — there was a strong sense of ‘what have we done’ from Twitter employees.”

Some went so far as to call out their own brand.

“Twitter helped in promoting Trump. Twitter helped in spreading falsehoods and lies,” Marina Zhao, an engineer for the company tweeted in November.

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